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Acts of Kindness from Rayona

Thank you SO MUCH for your weekly podcast….I live for it to inform me every week. I try to do one act of kindness every day whether it is to:

  • call my elderly uncle who lives alone and who has advanced COPD so dares not leave his home

  • send a donation check to the local food bank

  • take donated items to Goodwill store

  • give a Starbucks card to my local mailman

  • tip my food delivery person more than I normally would

  • read a story to my grandkids on zoom

  • check in on the 90 year old neighbor lady who lives alone

  • send a donation check to women in 3rd world villages to help with their food and water situation

So while each is a small discreet act of kindness, together they help up spread a pandemic of kindness :-)

Big hugs Mike to you and your team


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