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Act of Kindness from Sandra

I am Sandra, originally from Colombia, also with family in Spain, and am now I’m a US citizen after studying and working in the USA for over 20 years. My mom, Cris (80) pictured below, joined us 10 years ago. Even though we feel deserving of the benefits we have in the US, there is no one day we take it for granted.

My mom received the vaccine the first day it was available. During the lockdown my mom joined every single Zoom available to her for informational and social interaction. As part of a Latino Senior group, she volunteered to call seniors in the area who felt isolated because of the pandemic but also who were struggling because of language barriers. She kept them company with conversation and provided resources to find out more about the vaccine and encouraged them to get vaccinated. She called them regularly to check on them and reached out to group leaders if she felt someone needed follow up. I always say I want my mom’s energy not when I am her age but now She is an example of an act of kindness.


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