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Act of Kindness from Michele

I wanted to share a story about my family. My parents will be 86 in July and they live independently in their own home over 400 miles from me. Throughout this crisis, they have made a point to stay in contact with their friends, especially those of whom live alone. Their donut shop group would get donuts and meet in the parking lot in a circle when they couldn't dine inside. They would invite friends to sit on their porch when their friends needed some human contact.

My husband, two sons (30 & 32) and daughter-in-law (33) are all vaccinated (as are my parents) so we planned a weekend to gather at their house. I told mom to make a "wish list" of things they needed done. We spent the weekend preparing food, deep cleaning their house, and cleaning up their yard and planting flowers. All the things on their wish list was completed. They were so appreciative and the kids said "we need to do this every 6 months". I feel so thankful to still have my parents and it was such a joy to give them hugs and kisses!


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