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Act of Kindness from Goldie and Martha

My 96 year old friend, Goldie, has not let Covid-19 stop her from making hats for newborn babies born at the Brainerd Hospital. She makes twelve hats every month and was told that as of last month, she had completed 2,505 hats. Each hat takes her about four hours to complete, which is over 10,000 hours.

I have told her that in this crazy pandemic, the gesture of a hat made with good wishes and love is an incredible gift. She keeps herself active with sewing, doing puzzles, reading, playing cribbage, and knitting.

I live about ten miles from her and call her almost daily. We laugh often. I asked her permission in letting you know about her and she was grateful for the recognition. She lives with gratitude and a positive attitude. She also lives with a Chihuahua, rescued last winter from the humane center. Her door now has a sign, “Bad Ass Guard Dog on Duty”….Taco, the dog , loves Goldie but will attack anything that comes through the door. Taco has also helped Goldie get through this isolation. She plans on living to 100, but we will celebrate her 97th birthday in 2021. I enclose a picture of Goldie and me when we could hug. She knit the top that I am wearing…without a pattern!

I thank you, Mike, and Chris for the weekly podcasts. Your information shapes my decisions in this Covid craziness. Thank you for offering a place to share kindness as well. I tend to talk a lot to strangers, thanking them for kind gestures, hoping to ignite your ‘pandemic of kindness’, and they know I am smiling even with a mask on . I also call another friend that is isolated in May Creek up in Walker once or twice each week. He is sequestered in his apartment and loves to talk politics with me. My heart goes out to these folks. If everyone called one or two elderly friends every week, it would sure help boost morale.

Thanks again….


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