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Act of Kindness from Lisa

I was the recipient of two acts of kindness today.

I was outside of a Hobby Lobby, had just shut my car door, when a young man in a car rolled down his window and told me that my back tire looked very low and I should get it checked out ASAP.

So, I took his advice and went straight to Toyota. Turns out, I had a nail in it and all 4 of my tires needed replacing. And, I had an engine gasket oil leak. I was really touched that in the middle of a pandemic, a stranger took a second to notice my tire, and care enough to tell me about it rather than just drive off. God knows how much grief he saved me if I had been stranded or unable to get to work.

To top it off, the Toyota employee applied his military discount to minimize my sizable bill. I asked him not to do that if it wasn’t legal, but he assured me that it was.

Two angels.


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