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Act of Kindness from Kim

I'd like to submit an Act of Kindness from our youth at St. John Lutheran ELCA, Town of Maine, Wausau, WI.

We held outdoor services at our church through the spring and summer, and then they continued through the chilly month of October. Our Sunday School program was given the green-light to sell hot chocolate at these cold-weather services for a good-will donation. All proceeds would be given to the community Warming Center.

After everyone had donned their masks and washed their hands, the kids went from car-to-car and family-to-family asking if they'd like hot chocolate. They did a wonderful job!

Each week we asked the kids, "Are you cold outside today," to which they'd respond with an excited, "YES!" We then explained that there are folks in our community that are not lucky enough to have a warm home and warm clothes. These souls rely on programs like the Warming Center to provide meals and a place to sleep at night. Our leaders reminded the children how blessed all of our families are, and also thanked them for their work in helping those in need.

The kids of St. John, a small country church, raised $240 for the Warming Center by selling hot chocolate during three outdoor October services.


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