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I am a Swiss and German occupational therapist working with youth in the community in a private medical place. I am thankful to have these weekly breifings of Prof Osterholm and his team and enjoy having accurate information from another reliable source. Sometimes even when the news of Covid are overwehlming, I see the suffering of all of us as a lot of our daily occupations suddenly seems to be not possible any more. To replace them and become aware how difficult it is to change our daily patterns of habits and routines is notoriously helpful. As part of the medical service I understand that there are a lot of unknown risks when decicion makers take anti-covid measures. But each of us is as well a small decicion maker. Whome do we meet, how do we meet, how do we touch without touching ech other. We have learned a lot. Keeping the services for the disabled children open and deliver vivid joyful relationship and activities seems one of my contributions. I always enjoy reading the actions of kindness on this webside. Greatings to all there on the other side jet the same world.



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