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Act of Kindness from Jo

Thank you, thank you for your humanity in explaining the complexity of navigating this pandemic.

You have a big fan club here in the Monterey area! So, I wanted to pass on some beauty for you to enjoy from here via photos I took a month ago of Big Sur.


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Act of Kindness from Liane

North Dakota and Montana states are graciously and generously offering their overstock of vaccines, at no charge, to Canadian (Manitoba & Alberta) truck drivers who travel back and forth across the bo

Act of Kindness from Michele

I wanted to share a story about my family. My parents will be 86 in July and they live independently in their own home over 400 miles from me. Throughout this crisis, they have made a point to stay

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First of all, a huge thanks for all that you've done. I'm a middle-aged single guy who has been stuck alone for these many months now, and your show has provided me a sense of community, in addition to being a great source of information, reassurance, and the occasional much-needed warnings and reminders. So happy that you will continue to produce the show.

I wanted to make a suggestion for the Biden task force. I've noticed more talk shows and awards shows on TV now that seem designed to pretend that Covid does not exist. No masks, no apparent distancing between guests and performers (maybe they've been tested?), a barely seen audience which may or may not be distanced (Bi…

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