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Act of Kindness from Nicholas

As I went for my morning jog over the weekend, I found a wallet in the middle of the sidewalk. My first thought was to leave it, but I decided to pick it up to see if it had any ID or anything else that would be important to the owner.

I opened the wallet and I saw that it had money in it but no ID whatsoever. It was easily identifiable though, it was a blue NY Yankee wallet!

So, I finished my run and decided to post a message that I had found a wallet with no ID but easily identifiable on my town’s FaceBook website, please direct message me if you think its yours. Within two minutes, a mother posted that her son had lost a NY Yankee wallet. The mother was so happy when I contacted her and told her that I had her son’s wallet, she said her son was crying all morning and the family who was out for a morning bike ride were in the process of retracing the route they had taken.

She was luckily nearby, I met her in my driveway with the wallet, which by the way had $17 hard earned dollars in it. She was thrilled and tried several times to give me the money which I refused.

She later thanked me on Social Media and hopefully her son was relieved and was not in too much trouble for his temporarily loss of his wallet.


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