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Acts of Kindness from Sandra

I have two different acts of kindness. Both acts are by people in the Tucson, Arizona community.

  1. I am a hospital NICU volunteer and past president of our Tucson Medical Center Auxiliary. Our wonderful community hospital has been extremely busy caring for COVID patients as well as others requiring medical care in the Southern Arizona community. I’d like to recognize our hospital administration for keeping the volunteers safe, finding opportunities for volunteers to continue making a positive impact, and for keeping us informed while the volunteer program is on “COVID recess”. An example of keeping our volunteers engaged involved writing postcards to seniors in our senior program to let them know they are they are missed. Another way our administration has gone above and beyond is to host monthly volunteer town halls via Zoom. It’s allowed the volunteers to stay informed and given us a chance to offer our assistance. In this month’s town hall, one volunteer asked about writing thank you postcards to our medical staff and sending it to their homes. After conferring with other hospital volunteers in Tucson, I’m fairly certain Tucson Medical Center is the only one that has been keeping the volunteers engaged and informed.

  2. As the only community hospital in Tucson, it was so sweet and uplifting to see a group of local high school students come out and write messages of kindness on the sidewalks for our staff. Here’s a picture of a few of them and their wonderful work. As far as we know, these students were not part of any organized effort, and I’d like them to know that we noticed their act of kindness.

Thank you for your time and happy holidays,


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