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Act of Kindness from Tom

Dr. Osterholm, in February I started preparing for a world wide pandemic. I had no idea how this virus was going to act, so I stockpiled everything I could. Part of that was to watch the price of silver and the market everyday. I got lucky and caught the market drop 3000 points on a Monday and I bought up as much silver as I could.

Now for me as I stockpiled items, I was building up pandemic debt, I just don't make enough money to offset my pandemic spending. So to buy silver was costly. I bought more until I ran out of money for it and the price got too high. My wife and I are still working, so we are doing better than others.

So here is my act of kindness. After 3 months of hiding, I stopped by our local coffee house to say hi. I had been carrying a coin in my pocket everyday, so I just gave an ounce silver coin to the barista that I would usually see everyday, but just don't in the pandemic. I stopped by a couple months later and he thanked me again and said that it had given him hope. So I started handing out more and giving words of encouragement.

For me, that's a lot of money leaving my hand, I have given out about a lb. Here is a picture of me giving an ounce to a local brewery that I had not visited in 9 months. Well hang in there and thank you for your hard work and leadership during this hard time.


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