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Act of Kindness from Shannon

The final thing I wanted to share was an incredible act of kindness shown to my folks. Their home of 32 years was destroyed in a house fire this past September. While they got out safely, and were able to move their vehicles out of harms way, the 100+ year old farmhouse was completely destroyed. But an incredible thing happened. While the heat of flames consumed and destroyed their home, the warmth of love and community provided for their every material need. Within a 12 hour period they had clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, and a roof over their heads for as long as they needed it. And that was just the start of the out poring. For two months they continued receiving food, cloths, essential house hold items, etc. from friends, family, and total strangers. My dad jokes that they’re dressed better now than they were before the fire.

In a world where it seems we focus more on human depravity than human kindness, these acts of love toward two people I adore bolstered my faith and hope in the good that still exists in this place. It also reminded me that none of us are an island. We desperately need each other. After all, what is life without the people in it?


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