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Act of Kindness from Salma

Dear Dr. Osterholm,

I've just found out about the 'pandemic of kindness' that you're focusing on and thought you'd be interested in something similar that our nonprofit KindWorks launched over a month ago - we call it a KINDdemic!

The idea is to overwhelm our communities with acts of kindness. Kindness is not going to make the pandemic go away, but it's definitely going to make the lives of people who are suffering a little bit easier; in the process, it's going to help us get through this stressful time, too. We are sharing a story each day, about one kind thing we can all do to help someone in need or simply put a smile on someone's face. Some are linked to KindWorks' projects, but all are easily adaptable in any community around the country/world. We'll continue sharing stories into 2021 as we're finding these stories are inspiring action far and wide!

People can follow the nearly 30 KINDdemic stories so far on KindWorks facebook (@dokindworks) and on my instagram page (@salma.hasan.ali). The stories are heartwarming - from teens who are buying toys and making handmade cards and donating to other kids (day 15), to a 9-year old boy cooking soup with his mom to donate to a shelter (day 9), to neighbors having a friendly competition to collect thermometers and masks for Covid kits (day 3), to a family donating their childhood furniture to a refugee family (day 19).

We're also including simple things people can do to spread kindness, like putting some snacks outside for delivery folks (day 21), writing a gratitude letter to family we won't get to see over the holidays (day 4), listening and sharing stories of our elders (day 9), and finding ways to form new connections even while distancing (day 12).

It's our stories of kindness that are bringing us closer together, during this socially distant time.


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