Act of Kindness from Nissa

I am a nurse midwife in the Twin Cities. A retired nurse on my labor and delivery unit offered the nurses, midwives and doctors virtual Santa visits for any health care family on our unit. Her husband is the perfect Santa with a real white beard (which he mentioned to the kids he keeps trimmed shorter this year so he can wear his mask properly haha).

They set up 10 minute google duo meeting with each interested family of the Heath care providers on our unit. It was lovely. My kids got to chat with Santa (after being told earlier we had to skip Santa this year), and better yet, instead of asking for money they asked each family make a donation to their favorite charity. Many chose to send money to a local food shelf.

Children of health care workers have to take the same extreme precaution as their parents because by default, they could put patients at risk. My kids know they stay home because of “the mamas and the babies” at mom’s work. Virtual Santa visits brought a little normalcy and charitable donation—win-win for our kids and community!

Thanks for you weekly updates that help educate and inspire the community. What a gift to our world.



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