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Act of Kindness from Michelle

I have a good friend who I used to work with whose husband contracted COVID-19 even though they had been as careful as they could be because they knew he was high risk. She said they lived like hermits and practiced safe behaviors when outside the home, but he still got it. He went from having the initial symptoms to being in the ICU in just one week. He was fighting for his life that whole week. I was very concerned for my friend’s situation. Early 40s is way too Young to be worrying about becoming a widow. He did end up improving and got moved to a medical floor in the hospital, then several days later, got released to go home. Just needed to be on oxygen at home. Now he hardly needs the oxygen at all and will be going back to work partial days pretty soon.

I kept trying to think of what I could do to help them out. I ended up putting together a Beat the Winter Blues bag for my friend that had bath bomb, homemade soaps and lotion, praise and worship CD, bible study book, chocolates, different kinds of tea, and adult coloring books in it and simply dropped it off at their door. She texted me later and said it had been such a stressful last several weeks that that bag was perfect. It would help provide some much needed peace and relaxation. I went a step further and told her our family would like to order delivery for their supper the next night so they could just focus on spending time together and relax. She said that sounded wonderful.

Thank you for having the acts of kindness program going, it can be a great source of inspiring ideas for people. People can look at the different things that people have done and think “hey, I could do that!”


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