Act of Kindness from Martha

I am fortunate in these pandemic times to live on a beautiful piece of property with lots of animals - in fact, so many that I had previously promised myself not to add any more critters to "the ark." But when I saw our county animal shelter post a pair of 15-year-old bonded cats for adoption, and then when I saw they were still at the shelter after two months, I decided to get them.

These guys, who are very wizened and also very affectionate, ended up at the shelter because their previous owner was evicted. I don't know for sure if that was related to the virus, but after 15 years, I'm sure it was hard to give them up. I'm glad they're here to live out their golden years in a home, not a shelter (even though our local shelter has fantastic staff), and I hope if the previous owner calls, the staff tell him that they were happily adopted.

If I fell on hard times, I hope someone would help my animals find loving homes.

P.S. I also have a dog, so this house is both Team Mama Kitty and Team Max!


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