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Act of Kindness from Lisa

I have just finished listening to the latest podcast and it has touched my heart. I am an avid listener and I like to think part of the family. Dr. Osterholm’s dedication really touched me this week and pushed me to share what I found to be a very personal act of kindness.

I am the mother of three wonderful kids. My oldest is turning 18 next week on March 24. He is currently a junior in high school. Zack is on the autism spectrum, has cerebral palsy as well as hearing loss and congenital heart issues. With all of these challenges and a global pandemic the last year has been a challenge. We went from in school to online to back to school to quarantine from close contact to now back in person. When the pandemic first started he refused to even walk out in the front porch. We have come a long way. Zack now will visit with family in the front yard socially distanced.

Two weeks ago Michigan opened up the eligibility for the vaccine to parents of children’s with disabilities. I jumped online and was very fortunate that I was able to secure a time slot. This is where the act of kindness comes in. I was telling the kids how excited I was to be getting a shot and Zack said to me “you know Mom, having autism and disabilities isn’t great, but I’m so glad that because I have them you can get a shot and be safe.” To say my heart burst with love is an understatement. So there it is, my sons act of kindness. Thanks for all you do.


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