Act of Kindness from Leslie

Just a little act of kindness for you: In December my teen son's friend, Preston, reached out as part of his Eagle Scout project to help local food banks with community donations of food. We committed a bag and then I reached out to my neighbors on our local Buy Nothing group to see if they wanted to throw some food in as well. The response was overwhelming and both my son and Preston spent an afternoon unloading the donations. It was an act of kindness by so many to do something to help those in facing precarity at this time.

Photos of Preston (blue shirt) and Graham (grey coat) unloading some of the many, many bags of food and then resting are attached. I believe that Preston delivered over 100 bags and boxes of food to local food banks as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Best wishes from Seattle where our daylight has increased from 8 hours and 25 mins (solstice) to 8 hours and 57 mins (Jan 17th!)


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