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Act of Kindness from Laurie

This has been a tough year on everyone, kids included. Our family is intentionally trying to focus on what we can do to be the helpers. When activities and competitions are cancelled, school is moved to virtual learning, family, neighbors, and friends fall ill and worse to Covid, it seems that many things are out of our control. One motto our family has adopted during these times is a quote, “If you think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito.” I want my kids to know that although they may be little, they still have the unique ability to bring encouragement to others, in a way that grownups might not!

During our first snowfall (of packing snow), they wanted to build a snowman outside the local hospital for patients and workers to see in hopes that it would bring a smile to their face. It is our hope that we were a small light in someone’s day- a little mosquito in this hopefully contagious pandemic of kindness.

Thank you and your team for everything you do at CIDRAP. We look forward to your podcasts each week. We also really enjoyed your reading of the Polar Express!

Stay safe,

Laurie (Alivia & Leah)

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