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Act of Kindness from Kris

My name is Kris and I am a rosemaler. Since last March I have had the opportunity to paint...a lot. I had accumulated approx 80 wooden ornaments and 4x6 canvas that I had rosemaled. I brought them to my bible study, a small group of ladies. I wanted to include my friends to give us something to do to make a difference.

We have felt so powerless against covid, and the feelings of loneliness of others. This gave us something positive to do as a group. We addressed envelopes and put an ornament in each card; we signed them from our church with a short message. 40 were sent to our assisted care facility; the other 40 to our front line workers at the hospital.

Rosemaling is a link to my heritage, it reminds me of happier times of growing up. I am able to pass a happy memory to others going through this pandemic.


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