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Act of Kindness from Katharine

I work with a delightful, compassionate, and experienced RN named Jan. We are lucky to have her as our Clinical Education Coordinator. In January, Jan read an NBC article titled "Doctors, nurses 'can't take much more' amid COVID-19 surge in Southern California". The article highlighted our Providence colleagues at a hospital in Torrance, CA, called the Little Company of Mary Medical Center, who are working under extreme conditions in the COVID-19 crisis.

Jan was inspired to do something for them to let them know we were thinking of them and that they were not alone. She organized a house-wide project titled "Cards of Caring". As a team, we created and printed out hundreds of personalized postcards. Staff in all departments of our hospital (nursing, access services, dietary, environmental services, administration, PT, Respiratory, etc), as well as staff in our clinics and senior village, wrote words of encouragement to our sister ministry in Torrance. We sent 242 Cards of Caring full of all types of notes.... compassionate, cheerleading, funny, and all heartfelt. Our bilingual staff also included messages of encouragement in Spanish.

Our cards made it to Torrance in February, and we received several messages appreciation back:

Jennifer, Chief Mission Officer, wrote: “We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and kindness. These are precious moments of beauty in the midst of some tough days. We appreciate everyone in your ministry and your leadership for thinking of us and sending these beautiful cards. It means so much.”

Carmel, Executive Director Critical Care, wrote: “I received your inspirational card today and just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for taking the time to write that hopeful message, it really brightened my day!”

I am touched, inspired, and in awe of Jan. Her leadership and compassion extend out of our hospital walls and outside of our community. I am thankful to have her has a mentor and wanted to share her amazing act of kindness with the world. Attached are some pictures from the project, including the postcard template and some of the actual cards that were sent.


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