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Act of Kindness from Kate

I would like to applaud the people who volunteer for Lutheran World Relief and Wool Aid. Lutheran World Relief volunteers make quilts, school kits and baby kits for people all over the world who need them.

Wool Aid ( )has volunteers who hand knit wool items such as sweaters, vests, blankets , socks, hats and mittens for refugees in Greece and Lebanon and other areas of the Middle East. People who are often living with little heat and no running water.

These volunteers has been working from their homes since the pandemic started , often sharing supplies by leaving them on each other's porches for non contact exchanges. They have managed to produce thousands of needed items in these unusual times.

You being in Minnesota, probably know people who used to work on quilts in Lutheran churches around the state and now have these projects spread across their livings rooms and bedrooms , so they can continue their work.

But I also want to say , as a volunteer for these organizations, that doing this work probably has saved our sanity after a year of isolation and social distancing. It has given us sense of purpose in these scary times.

Thank you for your podcasts, I am usually knitting while listening.


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