Act of Kindness from Karen and Meredith

My daughter, Meredith, put together a Gratitude Challenge as part of her Lenten discipline. She sent a text to a group of people each morning with a gratitude theme in which each person would respond with four things they are grateful for related to the theme. When the pandemic hit in March she decided to continue the Gratitude Challenge and reached out to others via social media to see if anyone else wanted to join. The Gratitude Challenge is alive and well today with 16 groups reaching over six states and over fifty people. She has different groups so not everyone is connected but each person is connected to a group of people they know. I joined the GC after Easter and have since started a new group of some of my friends. Not only is it helping to focus on the things we have to be grateful for but it also has helped us help each other when we are struggling.

Also, I want to thank you for your weekly podcast. It has kept us informed and has helped us to remain dedicated to staying in a small pod to do our part to limit the spread. Your message is always a touch of reality with an inspiring twist.


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