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Act of Kindness from Josh

Since the start of lockdown here in California I’ve been baking bread for neighbors. I realized that baking two loaves of bread was just as easy as baking one so I started giving a loaf of bread to friends and then neighbors on our block. I recommend making two of whatever you are baking and giving it away, it is safe and fun.

They are sourdough since I started the project back when yeast was something unavailable in the market. I call them Covid Country Loaves. It was always my intent to give these away no strings attached but we have received thank you cards, a loaf of bread, brownies, and a homemade bottle of wine return. On top of that we have made some new friends and spoken more with some of our neighbors than ever before (from a distance of course).

A possible side note of interest is I sent some of my starter to my Dad who is also baking and sharing loaves of bread.


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