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Act of Kindness from Jill

Our third grade students start each day with sharing acts of kindness they have seen. One day they had an idea to write to senior citizens that might not be able to get out much. Their teacher, Miss Brittain, was able to find 16 people for them to write to in the the area. “I wish I would have had taken a video to show their smiles the day they read their first letters back,” Miss Brittain shared.

So far the students have exchanged two letters with their pen pals. They have really enjoyed learning about favorite hobbies or foods and things they have in common such as games they like to play or pets they have. A few pen pals have given a math problem for them to solve to figure out their age! “My pen pal’s favorite book when they were in school was Heidi. We even found it in our library!” Lexie shared.

The students really seem to enjoy the whole letter writing process and many want to continue writing their pen pals over the summer months! Some of our fourth graders have heard about the pen pals and have now joined in too! We hope others hear about how kind our students are and start spreading kindness their own way.


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