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Act of Kindness from Jeff

Let me tell you a story about a small act of kindness. (This occurred pre-pandemic but I think it is still pertinent.) I was in a small grocery store when the woman in front of me was unable to pay her grocery order. She tried a couple credit cards to no avail. I had some cash, so I told the cashier I'd cover the bill. I felt a little awkward since I suspected it was a bit embarrassing for the woman but I knew at least she'd go home with what she came for. I was happy to be able to do a small thing for a stranger. Then, to my surprise, the woman behind me in line, who witnessed all this, put her hand on my shoulder and said "that was a really nice thing to do." I think this made a bigger impact to the woman behind me than to the woman I helped directly. Kindness is contagious.


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