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Act of Kindness from Grace

I took a moment this morning to thank my postal carrier by leaving a note of appreciation in my mailbox.

With the postal service hampered by its leadership I wanted to let my carrier know how much I appreciate the dedication of all the postal workers throughout our nation, and their work to ensure a free and fair election. If you’d like to leave a note for your carrier, make sure to write “for postal carrier” or similar on the outside, and place it as you would any outgoing mail.


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Nancy Barth
Nancy Barth
12 de nov. de 2020

Last year I left a basket of goodies on the porch for all the delivery people, with a note thanking them. Things like protein bars and single serving bags of chips, and small bottles of water. I actually got a couple of thank you notes. I may do that again this year. I put the basket out every day in December.

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