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Act of Kindness from Elizabeth

I wanted to share a little with you about our son, Ben, who is 27 and has Down syndrome. Ben had a very active life before March of last year - two jobs, lived semi-independently, many social groups and activities - but has been living with us and adapting to a "virtual" lifestyle since then. He has remained positive and upbeat, and an inspiration to his hundreds of Facebook friends. Here is an example of his daily posts:

"Ok well. Once again I’m at home and staying safe. And I’m eating Chick-fil-A for lunch for today! And have a great day and to be at home and staying safe it’s such a good thing to do for Covid-19 and the pandemic! We just have to stay at home and keep staying safe! And keep on doing the right thing."

He was so excited to receive his first round of the Moderna vaccine and is already looking forward to his second.

Thank you and your team for your weekly podcasts and encouragement to all of us out here! (photo below is one of many that he frames with his own messages - don't know if you do FB, but check out his profile!)


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