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Act of Kindness from Diane

My daughter is eighteen and just graduated high school with her cna and currently attending nursing school on line. I am so very proud of her caring/nuturing heart.

She worked at a nursing home during the first wave when 40 of the residents contracted covid and she seemed to have missed contracting covid. They were very short staff due the staff contracting covid and she worked everyday to help the elderly patients on the covid unit. She unfortunately lost about eleven patients and came home crying sometimes, but was happy to go to work everyday to help them.

She is now in her second wave with eight patients that have come up postive with covid and so far one loss. She did come up sick but recovered and going to work to help the elderly. They have had some coworkers walk out of work. She has kept her distance from me and her dad. I do worry that they have enough ppe to protact the workers and patients I work in healthcare but not with covid patients.

I am so proud of her at such a young age to go to work everyday to help the vulnerable population. She will make an awesome nurse someday. She has the most wonderful/caring heart. An inspiration for the future healthcare workers.


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