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Act of Kindness from Denise

When it came time for vaccinations, my mom wanted to be first in line. She didn’t make the first wave. Eventually, with many calls by herself and friends, she was able to get the vaccine at our clinic / hospital in West Central MN. The system can be tricky to navigate, even for folks like my mom who have computers, smart phones and good internet service and a network of friends and family.

That’s why I wanted to share this pandemic of kindness example from my hometown newspaper, with a woman offering to help people set up their appointments. I love this, because it meets people where they may be offline and offers to help. It’s posted in a trusted source and I know it will help people!

I am also sharing a photo of my mom and her sisters at their first in person meeting on Good Friday. After all of them have been fully vaccinated. Their last meeting was March 11, 2020 when they took their oldest sister to her doctor appointment.


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