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Act of Kindness from Colleen

I am a volunteer at the weekly pop-up Covid-19 testing sites held in our very rural county in Northern California. Several weeks ago, I ran into a mom that I know - our sons are on the same high school track team. She knitted while she waited in line, we chatted briefly and she thanked me for volunteering. Last week I got a beautiful gift delivered - a knit ear warmer. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness, guessing the time it took to create such a beautiful gift, that I wanted to share it with your Act of Kindness campaign. When I thanked her, she sent this message:

“I gave/made if for you, so that YOU would know that I see and appreciate you. Love the random acts! Enjoy in friendship!"

I believe kindness is contagious and her act has inspired me to look out for more ways to thank those who are doing the hard work of getting us through this pandemic. Thank YOU Lynnn!!


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