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Act of Kindness from Cathy

I wanted to share an act of kindness from my daughter's family. I share it with you as a small thank you for all you and your team do for us. This act of kindness to spread a little joy comes from our daughter, Michelle, our son-in-law Jake and one of their two sweet daughters, 2.5-year old Teagan. In Michelle's words:

"Taking to social media has become a crutch for so many of us these days in whatever downtime we have, and yet so often we aren't seeing encouraging or uplifting news coming out of our endless scrolling. Using it as a way to spread kindness and a little bit of joy seemed an easy way to connect with my community online and help bring the mood up a bit. So I volunteered my toddler's artistic talents and polled my Instagram followers to see who wanted to receive an original piece of artwork from my 2.5-year old by way of the good ol' USPS. By the end of the week, we'd received nearly two dozen requests! My husband worked with our toddler to create the art, and she and I signed every piece, sealed all the envelopes, stuck all the stamps (her favorite part!), and waited patiently in line with our masks up to get them sent on their merry way. We received happy messages from everyone who got their artwork in the mail over the last couple of weeks, and are excited for more opportunities to keep sharing simple happiness out with our friends around the country."

Here is and example of Teagan's beautiful artwork, mailed out during this sometimes very dark pandemic, to help provide light to each recipient's day:


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