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Act of Kindness from Bonnie

My act of kindness is actually my 27y/o daughter’s. We live near a couple homeless encampments. Last Friday when she heard that temps were going to be dangerously low in Dallas, she got very worried about them. She is a marginally employed millennial, so posted on Facebook that she’d like to help, but did not have the means. Her post was very inspirational, and before noon on Saturday, she had $1600, and finally ended up with over $2000. She went to 2 Walmart’s & Costco & bought blankets, socks, hats, scarves, sweatshirts, warmers, & masks. She distributed them to the encampments and a couple of warming stations. She then donated the rest of the money to a church who opened their doors to the homeless and a Soupmobile.

I’m so very proud and humbled by this extraordinary young woman with a big heart. In this short/long week here in Dallas, I’m sure there are people grateful for anything to keep them warm.


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