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Act of Kindness from Benjamin

My team leads Katherine and Santiago have emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health and promoting kindness. Friday meetings with my team of coworkers have become ‘Feel Good Friday’ where people can share what’s on their mind in a judgment-free zone, and we all feel supported by each other. I wanted to share an act of kindness by my coworker Alicia. She informed us in our virtual meeting this morning that today was world kindness day, and she was planning to do a good deed.

Later in the day, in honor of World Kindness Day, Katherine shared in the team chat that ‘kindness starts by being good to yourself.’ Here was Alicia’s reply:

“It sure does! Also, as Santiago said it helps us to give to others because it’s better to give than it is to receive. I just had a great experience, I’m on lunch and I decided to look for a homeless person I could help and I found a lady at the post office to give to, and then a slew of other people came over and started giving too a man even asked her if she wanted a pizza, and the money they gave was significant I saw bills you guys not $1 although I’m not discounting any amount.”

I found this story to be a shining example of the butterfly effect of kindness – one small act encourages others, in this case strangers, to do their own small acts of kindness, which all adds up to make a positive impact.


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