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Act of Kindness from Angela

My 9th grade son, Donovan had parent teacher conferences this week. They were done via Zoom, and all of his teachers were very complimentary and gave positive feedback about Donovan. We tried to sincerely and specifically thank each individual teacher for all of their hard work. I have extreme respect for all teachers, as my father and brother work in the public education sector. During this pandemic, the respect I have for educators has grown exponentially – they have such a tough and sometimes thankless job.

After we ended the zoom call with the final teacher, 15 year-old Donovan turned to me and said, “Mom, I’m having a feeling.” When I asked him about this feeling his response was, “We need to go to Swig and deliver a drink to each of my teachers.” (Swig is a local soda shop that makes delicious concoctions, and we cannot get enough of them!) Donovan continued to tell me that he wanted to use a gift card he got for his birthday at the end of January to pay for all of the drinks. We hopped in the car and he ordered 12 drinks total. Swig was so impressed with his kindness and willingness to spend his own money on teachers that they gave him 2 of the drinks for free, AND an additional 1 just for Donovan to enjoy!

When we arrived at Eisenhower Junior High in Utah, and walked into each teacher’s classroom to deliver the surprise, their eyes lit up with joy. Donovan had excitement oozing out of him at every pore because he was so jazzed about doing something for others. I’m so proud of his selflessness, and the recognition he has for his teachers and all of their hard work!


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